I did finish my 3 months internship few weeks ago and I reworked my blog site during these holidays so that I won’t be boring.

I was thinking about to design my own Jekyll theme for a long time and I did finally achieve the goal, cheers! As you can see, this blog is my first github open source project and I got already 4 stars at the moment. Such an accomplishment! Therefor, I will keep working on this project and make it better. If you have any question or suggestion, feel free to leave a message here or open an issue at Github, I will try my best to make this theme to be your best friend while you want write something down.

Look back into the last three months, it was a wonderful experience to work on what I really love. I did complete two projects, the first one is a presentation website for a Chinese air condition manufacturer – VeckChina, and the second one is a ruby on rails e-commerce project for a Parisian restaurant – Msushi. I made a lot of progresses of coding skills and negotiation abilities. And I did learn what and how to do when there is a conflict between developer and designer or between customer and company.

Now it’s time to moving on, I am on the train to Marseille while writing this post. Hope everything will be ok.